Sermon for May 7, 2017: Punishment on Jesus Means No Punishment on Us. 
Our human pride lives in this unnatural state: we think we deserve no punishment in this world or the next, even if we can admit to some wrongs on our part. Because of sin brought into the world by Adam’s sin, God says to us from his judgment throne, “You deserve punishment now and forever.” Of course, we do not ever want to admit to this. Yet God is gracious, that is, he loves us unconditionally. He sent his Son into the world in sinless human form, to bear all sin and all punishment. He did not deserve punishment in this world or the next, but received it in full. Punishment for him means no punishment for us. Call on the name of the Lord, and live in this blessing! Then, even if you are called on to suffer in some way, even as his witness, you know it is not punishment, but opportunity to bear up under it in a good spirit full of hope.
Thanks be to Jesus!
Pastor Crick