About “Jesus Cares Ministries”

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

Jesus Care Ministries (JCM) assists congregations in reaching out to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, their families and communities.

For more information on the JCM program, please click on this link: www.tlha.org or call 1 (888)600-8542.

“Jesus Cares Ministries” at Faith Lutheran Church, Medford, OR

The members of Faith Lutheran Church are excited to announce our new JCM program, which is designed to meet the special needs community of Medford, OR, and the greater Rogue River Valley. Through JCM, we are looking to serve children with special needs and their families, to provide them a safe and comfortable environment for worship of Jesus, the loving, forgiving Savior of all.

The official opening of our program will be in Christmas 2014. Our first endeavor will be to offer a monthly worship service opportunity. Please check our website calendar for the exact schedule of the first service, and services to follow. You may find the calendar under the main menu tab, “About Us.”

Worship Services

Worship at the Cross service follows a simplified format appropriate for people with cognitive disability, including people with forms of dementia. Pictures and symbols lead participants through the parts of the service. Simple rhythm instruments allow non-readers or those who are non-verbal to make a joyful noise to the Lord. A Powerpoint presentation is used for a responsive worship service for those who are able to participate in this manner. We encourage and support a message that involves multiple senses.

Scheduled Worship Dates

The second Saturday of each month. 10:30am, with short refreshment time to follow. Plan on 45 minutes to 1 hour total.


September 12, SPECIAL TIME 1pm

October 10, SPECIAL TIME 11am

November 14

Dec 5


If your family includes a child with intellectual or developmental disabilities, or you know of a family that does, we extend you an invitation to contact us about JCM at Faith Lutheran Church. We would cherish the opportunity to serve.

You may contact our pastor Matthew Crick at 541-261-1280 or pastorcrick@yahoo.com.

You may also contact program leader Anna Baird-Callaway at 541-631-1405 or anna.b.callaway@gmail.com.